High power automatic electronic motor can drag water hos fire extinguisher rc fire fighting machine for road all terrain use 1490*900*1400 (mm)

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High power automatic electronic motor can drag water hos fire extinguisher rc fire fighting machine for road all terrain use 1490*900*1400 (mm)
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Model Number: M60D
Size: 1490*900*1400 (mm)
Total weight: 300kg
Power plant: 48V DC brushless
Battery: 48V50AH
Rated power: ≥ 1.5KW (single side)
Overall traction: ≥2KN
Speed: ≥6km/h
Suspension system: Independent oil pressure damping suspension
Climbing ability: ≥62%
Cross barrier height: ≥150mm
Βασικές πληροφορίες
Model Number: M60D
Πληρωμής & Αποστολής Όροι
Packaging Details: Pallet
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month
Περιγραφή προϊόντων
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
1490*900*1400 (mm)
Total weight
Power plant
48V DC brushless
Rated power
≥ 1.5KW (single side)
Overall traction
Suspension system
Independent oil pressure damping suspension
Climbing ability
Cross barrier height
Products Description
RXR-M60D fire-fighting reconnaissance robot is an ideal equipment to take the place of fire fighters. Its functions include: compatible with existing fire vehicles and fire hydrants and other professional equipment interface, flexible, economical and practical;400 to 1000m remote wireless control fire gun rotation, pitch, automatic sweep and other injection modes, monitoring images and environmental reconnaissance data real-time return, waterproof cooling, smoke exhaust dust; Close attack ground flow fire foam injection and smoke extraction and dust removal by high-power fan in dense smoke environment, and far attack 70 to 120m3 large flow water cannon injection; The crawler or wheeled chassis is flexible, can turn in place, climb hill, and strong transpiration performance.

The RXR-M60D fire-fighting products developed by our company are made of anti-corrosion resistant materials, high temperature resistant waterproof design, and have good waterproof performance with multiple water curtain self-spraying cooling device. External suspension damping system, strong impact resistance; Crawler chassis, crawler adopts external high temperature resistant, flame retardant rubber, internal full metal skeleton, complex terrain through superior performance, can rotate in place, can achieve straight, turn, climb, obstacle and other functions.
Product model: RXR-M60D
1490*900*1400 (mm) (LENGTH × width × height)
Self weight
Power Plant
Dual motor drive, 48V50AH battery
48V DC brushless
Rated power
≥ 1.5KW (single side)
Overall traction
Suspension system
Independent oil pressure damping suspension
Climbing ability
The barrier height
Angle of roll stability
Braking distance
Maneuverability of dragging hose
Can tow 5 80 full load hose
Wading depth
Controlling system
Remote control distance
The standard configuration is 400 meters of signal coverage, and the increase of trunk network can reach the wireless remote
control of open and no shade range ≥1300m
Redundant communication Extend the functionality
Redundant rear control optional function, standard with two sets of remote control can control the robot
Emergency braking
The robot body is equipped with an emergency stop button
Fire fighting Performance
Rated working pressure
The water/foam mixture is greater than or equal to 1.0MPa
Water interface
Standard DN80 water supply port *2
Flowering, dc, with self-pendulum function
Water/foam mixture ≥60L/s
Water/foam mixture ≥65m3
Turning Angle
- 90 ~ 90 °
Pitch Angle
0 ~ 90 °
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